New player survival tips


New player survival tips

With these troubling times, Minecraft is quite a good way to pass the time and maybe even find friends online.

Now to start you off you're gonna want to chop down some trees, you can do that simply by holding the mouse button over it to punch it down. Then you're going to want to pick the wood that drops and make a crafting bench, by combining 4 blocks of wood, you can do that in the inventory. After that place it somewhere and you can start building up your emergency shelter, if you're going to make it last a while you can build it out of wood, but generally id advise you to go ahead and use dirt. When you're done with that create a simple pickaxe by making a few sticks, which you can do by combining 2 wood blocks one over the other and then combining 2 sticks with 3 blocks of wood on the top row and the sticks in the middle column.

Then you can use it to mine a bit of cobblestone, make a stone pickaxe, the same way you did wooden but replace wood blocks with cobblestone ones. Once you have that you can make a chest by placing 8 blocks of wood in the crafting table with the middle one being empty. Then place it in your emergency shelter and start collecting blocks to build a more permanent place to live. You can store them in the chest. At night i'd advise you to wall yourself off from the critters that run around outside, since if you make a wooden door, zombies might decide to break it down to get to you. After you've collected a few materials, i'd advise you to make a furnace, the same way you made a chest but with cobblestone blocks, which is gonna let you smelt ore to get more usable metal bars. Then you can start exploring the lower levels with the certainty that you have a safe space to head back to.

Oh and before i forget you're also gonna want to make a bed which is gonna let you pass the night more quickly and it will also let you respawn in it should you die. To make a bed you have to combine 3 blocks of wood with 3 blocks of wool, which you get of sheep by at the beginning simply killing them, both of them should be in the same row with wool being above wood.

Minecraft is a very fun game, allowing you to express your creativity while also letting you dungeon delve to find rare metals and even diamonds. If you want to find the perfect server for yourself i'd advise you to head on over to this minecraft server list and choose one that's just right for you.