Minecraft Skyblock


today I’m going to tell you how to get started in the skyblock challenge as I’ve been having amazing fun playing it on the MC private server I found on this list.

Step 1: Break the tree and pick up everything it dropped.

Step 2: Dig out all the dirt and sand until you’re left on a platform that’s 1 block high.

Step 3: Use the dirt to expand your starting island, with about 10 blocks left to make your cobble generator.

Step 4: Plant the saplings you got off the tree and use the wood to make a crafting table.

Step 5: Make a cobble generator, by putting 2 lines of 5 blocks of dirt with a line 1 block wide in the middle, then close the ends. Then put lava on 1 end and water on the other and you should be able to make infinite cobblestone blocks from there. Then use the crafting table to mine as much cobblestone as you need,

Step 6: Make a furnace from cobblestone and use the wood from the trees to make charcoal, which you can then use to make torches.

If you follow these 6 steps you should be well on your way to have an amazing start in the next skyblock challenge. I heard there are plenty of servers that are running it daily at https://serverlist101.com/ .