How to make a Crafting Table in Minecraft


How to make a Crafting Table in Minecraft

The backbone of Minecraft can be described as crafting tables. They extend the 2×2 crafting menu that players have by default. They allow for the creation of almost any item in the game. This guide will provide all the information you need about this crucial block.

Apart from the wooden planks required in the recipe, the crafting desk is often one of the first things that you will need in order to make an essential survival item such as a pickaxe.

A crafting table can be used to make any crafting recipe in the game. There are 379 recipes in the game as of writing. It is very difficult to progress further without understanding the basics of crafting.

Materials required to make a crafting table

There are only four wood planks required to build a crafting desk. These 4 planks don't even have to be the same wood type.

This is how to make wood planks if you're unsure

Simply place one piece of wood in your default 2×2 crafting inventory. Four wood planks can be made from a single block of wood.

How to make a Minecraft Crafting Table?

Step-by-Step Guide

This is the pictorial step-by-step guide you will need to follow in order to make a crafting desk in minecraft.

Step-1. Step 1. Open your inventory. Locate the 2×2 default crafting option in the right-hand corner (as shown in the image).

Step 2: Next, place four wooden planks into each slot of the 2×2 crafting list. This will create the crafting table.

TIP: To make a crafting table, you can use any type or wood plank. All you need is to cut down a tree

Step 3: Once you have your crafting table created, drag it from the crafted slot to your inventory.

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Uses for crafting tables in Minecraft

Craft tables are crucial in complex recipes. This means that any recipe that requires more than 2×2 crafting space will require a crafting table.

You can also use crafting tables to repair damaged weapons. This is done by simply placing two identical tools in the crafting tables, as shown below.

How to make Minecraft crafting recipes?

The in-game recipe books will give you many essential recipes to create a variety of items and blocks. Simply open your inventory and click on the green book below to access the Minecraft recipe guide in-game.

You should now see a list with recipes in a similar layout to the one below. To get the recipe, click on any item.

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FAQs about Crafting a Table

How do I open the Minecraft crafting table menu?

To open the crafting menu, place the block on the ground and interact.

What type of wood planks are needed to make a Crafting Table?

It doesn't matter in the current state Minecraft. You can mix and match any four wood planks regardless of their type to create a crafting table.

Can I use a Crafting Table as fuel in a furnace

Craft tables can be used to smelt 1.5 products. However, this is a very inefficient use of crafting tables. Furnace fuel would be more expensive than coal or regular wood planks.

Can Crafting Tables be burned in Minecraft?

Craft tables are a wood-based block that can catch fire but not actually burn. This means they will survive a raging flame.


Minecraft's core gameplay mechanics require crafting tables to function. Without crafting a crafting table, it will be extremely difficult to get very far in survival mode. The crafting table is therefore a rare staple block that can be found in the base of any serious player.