How to find charcoal in Minecraft


How to find charcoal in Minecraft

Charcoal is an under-used and lesser-known item in Minecraft. Charcoal is often overlooked by coal, which is much more popular with players. It is still important in the game, even though it isn't used often. Although it has a different texture than coal, they look very similar.

This can be used as a substitute for coal if players run out of coal. It can still be traded with villagers but it can be used to fuel other items and create soul-light items. It isn't found in nature, which is why it is so underutilized.

How do I find charcoal in Minecraft1.18?

How to get the item easily

Although charcoal isn't readily available, players can easily make it. It is possible to obtain them by melting wood logs in an oven. Because wood can be used to make a variety of items, players don't usually smelt it. They can however get the item if they melt it in a furnace. Make wood logs from scrap lumber and melt them with coal or other fuel.

There is another way to get this item, but it will be dependent on the situation. Players may see campfires on top of haybales when they visit certain villages. Players can simply drop two charcoal into these campfires if they do not have a silk touch enchantment.

These are the only methods to get the item in the game. However, smelting logs is easier than searching for campfires around the world.

This item can be used to create many other items, even if it isn't needed often. You can combine it with sticks and wood logs to make a campfire. You can make fire charges with blaze powder or gunpowder. They can also be used to make normal and soul torches.

If players have less coal, they can use it as an alternate fuel. Each charcoal can be smelted up to eight times per second for up to 80 seconds.