Best Minecraft servers

You were probably asking yourself what are the best Minecraft servers? I guess the answer could vary, depending on what would you consider as best.

There are a lot of Minecraft servers that are updated to latest version but doesn’t really have good uptime or reliability then there are servers that are still stuck on old version of Minecraft which is 1.8, those Minecraft servers are usually super reliable but they’re lacking new Minecraft features and blocks.

I guess judging by what most of players chose the best Minecraft servers would be: Mineplex, Brawl, Grand Theft Minecart, Minescape, Minewind, PixelmonCraft, Zero.Minr, PirateCraft, Hypixel, Desteria, Minecraft Middle Earth, Ranch n Craft, WesterosCraft, The Mining Dead, HiveMC, The Archon and Manacube. Those Minecraft servers are of course just a few of all Minecraft servers out there, for a bigger list you should probably check out Minecraft server list:

You also gotta consider the fact that different Minecraft servers have different features and gamemodes so might not like the server that everyone else likes, but that mainly depends on what kind of servers you’re looking for.

So now you’ve found yourself Minecraft server and you wanna join? But how? It’s super simple actually you just need server address and port, in some cases you don’t even have to enter port if server is using default port which is 25565.

After that you can join Minecraft servers by opening Minecraft client, then you gotta click on Multiplayer button and then “Join server”. That’s it! Simple right?

Have fun playing!